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    Round Filters

    Benro produces these superior-performance round threaded filters:

    • UV hardened glass filters
    • Polarizing filters
    • Solid neutral density filters: 3, 6, 10 and 15 stops
    • Variable neutral density filters: 1-9 stops
    • True Night filter

    All are available in a wide variety of sizes to fit virtually any lens. In addition, we make polarizers for our 75, 100, 150 and 170 holders. All filter rings are brass and are among the thinnest on the market for all our filter types, reducing the potential for vignetting.

    Schott B270 Glass, imported from Germany, recognized as the highest quality optical glass available, is used in all our glass filters. They deliver superior light transmission and structural integrity with minimal or no color variance. Our advanced manufacturing technology ensures precisely flat, parallel glass surfaces, which are absolutely essential for maximum sharpness and color accuracy. When it comes to image quality, we just won’t cut corners.

    All Benro round filters are coated, so that they are waterproof, anti-reflective, smudge-proof and highly resistant to unwanted UV and infrared light frequencies.

    Circular Filters

    Circular filters from Benro come in three sizes: 82mm, 95mm and 150mm. Each size of Circular filter is designed to work with filter holders from either the 100mm or 150mm ranges, and come in two designations, SHDCPL (Super High Definition Circular Polaraser) or MACPL (Master Series Circular Polariser).

    Circular filters with a product code starting SHDCPL (82mm and 95mm) can be used with a specific filter holder from the 100mm range, or be attached directly to a lens with the same thread diameter. Filters with a product code starting MACCPL can only be used with 100mm or 150mm Benro Filter Holders. They will not work if directly attached to a camera lens.

    Imported from Germany, Schott Optical Glass is recognised as a premium optical glass among manufacturers. Offering superior light transmission and structural integrity with minimal (if any) color variance. A precise flat, parallel surface is easier to reach with optical glass, which is vital for shooting top quality landscapes.