Benro Master TrueNight Round Filter


    Nighttime is a wonderful time to capture memorable images, but there are color challenges you don’t face during the day. Cityscapes, one of the most popular subjects, are a wealth of visual opportunities – but also a mix of competing light sources, often including sodium and mercury vapor lights. These can produce unpleasant and overpowering yellow and green tones, not easily corrected with white balance adjustments on your camera.

    Benro has a fast, easy solution. Skip the time-consuming post processing, and use a TrueNight filter. Your images will be far more pleasing out of the camera and more accurately reflect your creative vision for the shot. The TrueNight filter is also excellent for nighttime landscapes.

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    • Improve the color of your night photography, right out of the camera!
    • Save time on post-processing.
    • Perfect for cityscapes and nighttime landscapes.


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