Benro Master Hardened Glass UV/Protective Filter


    Benro Master SHD UV filters feature hardened glass but they are more than just a protective filter. High quality optics featuring UVW365 German Schott glass ensures crisp and clear results. Black coated glass edge prevents internal reflections and decreases optical flare. Slim design reduces vignetting, keeps the profile of the filter more compact.

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    • L39 Coating – Absorbs harmful UV Rays (<390nm) and minimizes haze
    • Hardened Glass – Protects front lens element from damage better than ordinary filters
    • ULCA Multi-Coating – Decreases flare and significantly reduces chromatic aberration (average transmission >99.0% @ 420-680nm)
    • NANO WMC Coating – Scratch-resistant multi-coating that repels water and oil making it easier to clean
    • CNC Matte Black Brass Ring – More resistant to side impacts, less likely to bind when placed onto a lens


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