Benro Master Hardened 100x100mm 4-stop (ND16 1.2) Solid Neutral Density Filter

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    Benro Master Hardened Solid Neutral Density filters, available in 4, 6, 8 and 10-stop densities, are essential creative tools for today?s photographer. They give you the ability to lengthen exposure times and capture exciting, impactful effects, even in bright light. They also add a silky feel to waterfalls, streams and waves, give an ethereal look to moving clouds and blur other moving subjects, such as vehicle and pedestrian traffic. And they?re perfect when you need a slower shutter speed for lens effects such as pans and rotations. All with superior resolution and without a trace of color cast.

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    • Made with Schott B270 German optical glass, the finest available, precisely ground to ensure brilliantly sharp images with no ghosting.
    • ULCA Multi-Coating decreases flare and significantly reduces chromatic aberration (average transmission >99.0% @420-680nm).
    • NANO WMC Multi-Coating is scratch resistant and repels water, dirt and oil from smudges and fingerprints, making the filter easy to clean.
    • IRND Coating helps maintain faithful color rendition by eliminating blue or warm color shifts caused by unwanted infrared and UV light.


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