Benro Master 100mm Filter Holder Set for 77mm threaded lenses

    SRP $100.00

    The Benro Master 100mm Filter Holder is our most popular filter holder, designed to securely hold square and rectangular filters up to 100mm wide and 2mm thick. The 100mm filter holder is compatible with 72mm, 77mm, 82mm, 86mm and 95mm lens mounting rings. Unlike other filter holders, our patented design allows you to easily rotate circular polarizing filters without having to first adjust or remove other filters or components.

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    • Attaches to 77mm threaded lenses. Holds standard 82mm slim circular polarizer and two additional 100mm drop-in filters – or three drop-in filters
    • Precision machined from aluminum alloy with scratch-resistant rubber-coatings. Foam light baffles prevent stray light from entering open areas between filters.
    • Patented design enables easy rotation of polarizer without loosening or removing other filters or components. Scales provided for precise filter rotation and positioning.


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