Grad Filters

    Master Series Hard Grad Filter

    Hard Grad GND filters are used when there is a clear horizon line separation between sky and foreground, and when there is also an obvious exposure difference between the two. The Hard Grad GND filter’s primary role is to balance the exposure difference between sky and foreground.

    Master Series Soft Grad Filter

    Soft Grad GND filters are used to balance the light ratios between upper and lower sky and foregrounds without the sharp separation offered by Hard Grad filters. The filter will darken the brightest portion of the sky and delicately balance it with the rest of the image. It also allows for longer exposure times to bring out detail of dark areas in the foreground.

    Master Series Reverse Grad Filter

    Reverse Grad GND filters are used when there is a very strong light between the sun in the sky and the reflection of water. The Reverse Grad GND is designed to darken the centre of an image where reflections are brightest while also reducing brightness at the top of an image where the sun is in the sky. The perfect way to balance brightness of reflections and image details.