We are extremely proud to introduce Benro Filters and filter holder systems, a new benchmark for quality, design and functionality. Every Benro filter and holder is made to the same exacting quality standards as our award-winning photo and video tripods, with the same dedication, experience, expertise and attention to detail that has made Benro a respected global brand. Our high-performance drop-in filters for 75, 100, 150 and 170mm filter holders, in both glass and resin, together with our filter holder systems and round filters, can help you take your photography to the next level.

    Drop-In Filters

    We offer a broad selection of high-quality drop-in filters for 75, 100, 150 and 170mm filter holder systems. Our drop-in filters are available in both glass or resin options (170mm in glass only). 

    Round Filters

    Our round glass filters screw directly onto your lens or can be attached to a filter holder system to be used together with our drop-in filters.

    Filter Holder Systems

    Innovative design and manufacturing precision set our filter holder systems apart and they are available in four sizes. Our 75mm system is ideal for mirrorless cameras, while our 100mm system works with most lens mounts. Our 150 and 170mm systems are designed for use with specific ultra-wide lenses without filter threads.


    Access valuable information about our different types of filters, when and how to use each filter and the effect is has, as well as simplified technical terminology. See for yourself the difference our filters and filter holder systems can make with your photography.

    “I’m an advocate of getting it right in camera. I like nailing the frame as perfectly as possible before doing any post work. My Benro filter system allows for that and lets me explore all sorts of creative possibilities.”

    Mike Mezeul II