Benro Master 150 x 170mm Glass (Hard) GND (4-Stop)

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    Hard Grad GND filters are used when there is a clear (flat) horizon line separation between sky and foreground, and when there is also an obvious exposure difference between the two. The Hard Grad GND filter’s primary role is to balance the exposure difference between sky and foreground.

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    Features 1:

    1. Imported German Schott optical glass.
    2. High definition technology ensures perfect clarity with zero loss of quality.
    3. ULCA (ultra low chromatic aberration) coating creates reflectivity below 1.5%
    4. Anti-IR and ultra-low colour shift allowing light to transmit evenly.
    5. Improved graduated area for better performance and light capture in camera.
    6. Leading WMC (Waterproof Multi-layered Coating) protects filter from scratches, liquids and oils.

    B270 – German Schott optical Glass.

    HD – High Definition optical technology. Precisely ground optical glass ensures that surfaces are parallel, allowing the light entering the lens through the filter to do so in a straight line, maximizing image and light quality.

    WMC – Waterproof Multi-layered Coating is applied to filter surfaces to create an ultra-smooth, anti-scratch finish. The clear coating will repel dirt and liquids and will also allow for quick easy cleaning of the filter surface.

    ULCA – Ultra Low Chromatic Aberration coating prevents light reflection and improves light transmission, resulting in better quality images.

    Anti-IR – This advanced coating technology blocks infra-red and ultra violet light, both of which can affect image quality negatively. IR and UV will normally be seen as a bluish or orange tone across your images.

    Detailed Feature Information:

    Features 2:
    German Schott Optical Glass has been selected due to its superior optical performance, high light transmission and stable optical properties.

    Features 3:
    HD filters offer High Definition retention of image quality captured in camera. They do not improve the resolution capabilities of the lens or camera used.

    Features 4:
    Low Reflectivity – In order to reduce reflections on the surface of our filters, and to prevent glare occurring between the lens and filter, Master Filters are given a special reflection absorption coating. This reduces the reflection properties of our filters to less than 1.5%

    Features 5:
    Anti Infra-red, low colour shift.

    In order to reduce the red colour shift caused by infra-red light pollution, Benro Master Filters are coated with an anti reflection treatment, cancelling out infra-red light waves before they can enter the camera sensor. Our advanced coating technology neutralize both IR and UV light waves for minimal colour shift.

    Features 7:
    WMC – Waterproof, Multi-layered Coating (with anti-scratch protection)

    Adopting the most advanced, ultra smooth WMC technology on the surface of each Master Filter protects them from almost everything nature can throw at them, with no effect on the images captured. The Hydro-phobic qualities keep the surface free of dust, oils and liquids and make the filters scratch resistant.


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