95mm Circular Polarizer

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    CPL Designed specifically for the patented FH100M2B series Filter Holder System


    1. German Schott Optical Glass
    2. Super High Definition Technology
    3. Waterproof Multi-layered (nano) Coating
    4. Ultra-Low Chromatic Aberration
    5. L39 Coating Technology
    6. Toughened Glass
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    German Schott Optical Glass
    Imported from Germany, Schott Optical Glass is recognized as a premium optical glass among manufacturers. Offering superior light transmission and structural integrity with minimal (if any) color variance. A precise flat, parallel surface is easier to reach with optical glass, than it is with resin, which is vital for shooting top quality landscapes.

    The surface hardness and overall rigidity of the optical glass is superior to the optical resin. The glass is wear resistant and difficult to deform. The heat stability of the optical glass is much better than optical resin. It can be coated under high temperatures of up to 300 degrees, for more precise and uniform coverage, leading to a higher quality finish.

    SHD – Super High Definition optical technology. Precisely ground optical glass ensures that surfaces are parallel, allowing the light entering the lens through the filter to do so in a straight line, maximizing image and light quality.

    WMC – Waterproof Multi-layered Coating is applied to filter surfaces to create an ultra-smooth, anti-scratch finish. The clear coating will repel dirt and liquids and will also allow for quick easy cleaning of the filter surface.

    Ultra-Low Chromatic Aberration
    BENRO Ultra Low Chromatic Aberration coating, designed by German optical coating experts. Designed for minimal color shift and very low reflection rate, which means it will minimize the influence of the filter on the final image. It also ensures exceptional transmittance of light entering the lens.

    L39 Coating Technology absorbs 99% of UV rays (below 390nm) and minimizes haze.

    Toughened Glass protects the front element of your camera from damage. Our hardened glass filters are put through rigorous ball-bearing drop tests to ensure protection against direct impacts without affecting visual properties of the glass after impact. A 20mm (diameter) steel ball-bearing is dropped directly onto the filter multiple times from more than 1.2 metres.


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